Let’s see if we can find picnic spots near you. Well that is if you live in any of these countries.

Picnics are a pastime Americans have been enjoying for centuries.

Everyone loves a picnic. You just have to find the right spot. This listicle is made up entirely of the best picnic spots ON EARTH. Enjoy and Happy Picnicking.


Trentham Gardens in Staffordshire England – The Trentham Gardens is a beautiful place to picnic and enjoy the sights. The picnic site here is surrounded by well-manicured gardens, a crystal blue lake and plenty of park benches. And when you’re done picnicking, grab some ice-cream from Snuglebury’s.


Vondelpark is an award winning park located in Amsterdam. The park was founded in 1864 and boasts a selection of restaurants and casual eateries. When you’re done eating head over to the roller skate shop and have a ball on the myriad of paved lanes for roller-skaters.


It will take a short hike to get to Park Diavolezza in Switzerland but the wait is worth it. With one of the most glorious countrysides Europe and because you are literally on-top-of-the-world, you’ll witness some breathtaking sights. With fire pits and wood grills, Diavolezz boasts the highest BBQ pit in the world!

New Zealand

Situated 20 minutes from Queenstown, New Zealand, Kelvin Heights Park has a beautiful picnic spot that overlooks Lake Wakatipu. And if you’d like to work off your picnic lunch just head over to the golf course and walk, jog, or run the “loop walk”.


Pay close attention when traveling throughout in Italy. Picnic places in Italy are designated only in certain parks. Only designated areas are approved for picnicking. That being said, here are 2 parks in Italy that are worth choosing for your next picnic spot.

1) Gianicolo degli Arancil. The allure of the Vistas is undeniable. Take in the breathtaking panoramas or visit the famous Church of San Pietro where Bernini’s famous painting is located. Waterfalls cascade in this lovely oasis away from the hot and busy city. Don’t forget to listen to the cannon’s fire at noon.

2) Parco degli Acquedotti. It’s hard to believe this park is located in Rome’s backyard. This park speaks of acres and acres of wonderful greenery. You can find plenty of sheep grazing on the many farmlands. Perhaps the most intriguing part of this park is that it has remains of some of the Roman Aqueducts.


Russia. The land of ice, snow, and freezing temperatures. When we think of Russia we don’t immediately think of sandy beaches and clear blue lakes. No, we normally think of frigid long cold winters. But Russia is home to many sunbathers and picnickers thanks to the cooler temperatures Russia’s waters are clear and blue. Khabarovsk City is located in the Far East of Russia. The city is situated on the Amur River. The Amur River separates China from Russia and in the summer this is where tourists and locals congregate to get some sun-rays in. Tour tranquil parks, refreshing scenery or just relax on the sand with your picnic basket and wine.

U.S. Hawaii

Whether you want to go for a dive in one of the lagoons or take in the sights, Magic Island in Honolulu, Hawaii is a picturesque place to BBQ and picnic. A favorite place to take wedding pictures and for newly wed couples, Magic Island is one of the most splendid places to behold.

U.S. Maine

This picnic spot is located in Maine and offers a dramatic view of Casco Bay in Harpswell, ME. Rocky, jagged formations make The Giant’s Stairs a geologist’s delight. Made from lava, mud, and many earthquakes the Giant’s Stairs is a sight to see. Watch for huddles of ducks, families of seals and lobster trawlers in the Bay.

Whether you’re searching for pristine lakes in Russia or sandy beaches in Honolulu, we’ve got the list just for you. We hope you find a variety of great picnic spots and enjoy the sights around you.