wicker baskets

I think you will agree with me when I say:

Vintage is making a comeback and that includes wicker picnic baskets.

Or is it?

Well turns out it is when it comes to picnic baskets and blankets designs, the vintage wicker picnic basket is still a big seller.

Today we’ll be looking at some of the sexiest, most authentic picnic wicker baskets you can buy.

Deluxe Yorkshire Willow Picnic Basket

Handcrafted basket with a sexy dome top…

brown picnic basket image

The handcrafted Yorkshire Willow Basket from Picnic at Ascot is made in the United States and is an essential companion to complete your outdoor dining experience.

This wicker picnic basket is my go to for delivering an elegant and delicious meal on the go without sacrificing quality and style.

It holds enough service for me and three guests. While enjoying a picnic, I have especially appreciated the quality of the materials in this basket with ceramic plates and glass wine glasses.

How it Delivers

  • Handcrafted Construction of Willow Wicker
  • Portable Size: 20 inches wide X 13.5 inches deep X 12 inches high
  • Fully Lined Interior
  • Insulated Tote for Cold Goods
  • Service for 4: 8-inch ceramic plates, cloth napkins, stainless steel utensils, wine glasses, corkscrew

VonShef Traditional Wicker Picnic Basket

Great 4 Person Deluxe basket…

This wicker picnic basket is modern and versatile while keeping the classic “old school” charm and appearance of more traditional baskets. It is lined in Gingham fabric that reminds me of summers long past spent at Grandma’s house. I appreciate the buckle closures and sturdy handle ensuring my meal arrives securely. Inside the basket accommodates a meal for four including plates, cutlery, glasses and napkins.

Traditional, yes. Versatile, absolutely!

  • Easily Carried and Stored: Measures 15.7 inches X 11 inches X 7.9 inches
  • Durable Service; ceramic plates, BPA Free plastic wine glasses, stainless steel cutlery and cloth napkins
  • Outdoor Ready Picnic Blanket
  • Extra Room for Food and Beverage

Picnic Time - Piccadilly Willow Picnic Basket

Handcrafted basket with a sexy dome top…

This picnic basket has set the romantic tone for my picnics. In the Piccadilly, I can plan a special on the go meal for two. It’s unique design and sturdy willow construction helps me deliver a date night with ease and elegance. I appreciate the double fold out door access and full gingham fabric lining so that I can wash up after each use.

Piccadilly’s Perks

  • Durable and Lightweight Materials: melamine plates and acrylic glasses
  • Organized Interior for Space Saving
  • Dual Entry Lids for accessibility
  • Lifetime Guarantee and Made in the United States

The Piccadilly picnic basket by Picnic Time is a great investment. This basket is thoughtfully constructed with long lasting materials with the frequent user in mind. I found this picnic basket to be packed with loads of extra space to take even the most gourmet of meals for two on the road. The Piccadilly will make your mealtimes on the go adventurous and memorable.

Small Vintiquewise Rectangular Basket

Affordable and easy to keep clean…

This basket is not just for a picnic. If you are like me, your motto is, “you can never have too many baskets”. Vintiquewise has created a versatile and cute basket that is the perfect addition to my growing collection. I plan to use it for picnics as well as my many trips to the weekend farmer’s markets.

The dimensions of this basket are a huge plus for me. It measures 10.2 inches wide, by 7.7 inches deep, by 5.5 inches high. The small stature here allows me to fill it with my goods without overloading my ability to carry it around. The double handle is nice for loading and unloading the basket with ease.

Use it Everywhere

  • Picnics
  • Shopping at Markets
  • Home Decor
  • Party Displays
  • Gift Giving
  • Storage

Picnic Time's Country Picnic Basket

Handcrafted basket with a sexy dome top…

Picnic time has created a winner in my book. This country picnic basket screams fairy tale with typical red and white gingham fabric and dual lidded top. I love the simplicity of the design. This basket’s large handle makes carrying it easy as well.

No fuss or frills in this picnic basket. It is well constructed with willow wicker. The open design of the basket lends itself to so many uses.

One Basket for it All

  • Dual Access Lid: A mini table surface for drinks
  • Removable Lining made of laundry friendly cotton and polyester mix
  • Open Interior Design: Use for meals, shopping, harvesting or displays

Things to Consider When Shopping for a Picnic Basket

Picnics are popular activities when looking to have fun with loved ones, especially when the weather is nice outside. Sitting in your favorite park, biting on delicious sandwiches with a cold drink while you watch kids play or enjoy nature is the perfect way to laze away a Sunday afternoon. However, the success of a picnic is all about the supplies.

Did you bring enough wine? Do you have forks for everyone? Is the picnic blanket large enough? The type of picnic basket you bring along for your day outdoors is a priority. It determines what supplies and how much can fit in there. The host of options on the market can make it a bit hard to settle on one basket but these criteria should help.


You want a basket that will serve you for more than just a few outings. Traditional wicker baskets are very common to this day because they have that authentic feel, which can be hard to get with other options. These baskets are made with willow or other kinds of woven fiber. Some of these come with linings to protect the insides of the basket. Aluminum baskets have also become popular among picnic goers. The metal offers a long lifespan without adding unnecessary weight to the carrier like this OnWay Sports aluminum frame basket. A polyester picnic basket is another option that will give you service for a long time.


Vintage Willow baskets don’t have a lot of things going for them. If you just want a simple carrier for your drinks and food, then a conventional basket with the right picnic rug will do well. Modern baskets are designed with several features to cater to specific needs. A tote bag like this comes with three compartments at the front and two on the side for cutlery and tool sets. If you are taking a lot of utensils on your picnic, then this type of bag with an outdoor blanket is perfect. Insulation is a sought after feature in picnic bags. A cooler in your basket ensures drinks and food stay cold regardless of how hot the weather is. You can still enjoy your chilled wine on a romantic date. Some baskets come complete with blankets, so you have a place to set up. You can get a waterproof picnic blanket to get the most out of your purchase.


Of course, the number of supplies you intend to bring along to a picnic matters a great deal. Ensure that your picnic basket and picnic blanket is of a suitable size to avoid last minute packing problems. You can easily find a 2-person basket like this one for a couple’s day out or get this 4-person wicker basket if you are bringing friends along. For a family picnic, a large family-sized bag should provide enough room for all the food, plate, and a big picnic blanket. You can find collapsible picnic bags that accommodate a lot of supplies once you open them up.

Whether you want a vintage willow or a wine and cheese specialty bag, take the time to shop carefully for a basket and picnic blanket that will cater to all your picnic needs.