man standing in fields with backpackYes, it’s true. Picnics Just Got Better with the Picnic Backpack!

Meals on the go no longer need to be found in a drive-thru lane or a snack machine. With a little bit of planning and some really cool gear, you and your guest(s) can enjoy a delicious and memorable meal in picnic style.

In gearing up for the occasion, you can easily achieve a portable and gourmet meal with a quality backpack. Your supplies, food, and beverage will remain organized and secure for the trek with a picnic backpack that allows me to be hands-free.

The backpack for picnics combines modern design innovation and nostalgic charm in one neat portable package. I love that it is a part backpack and part mobile meal unit. All that I need to add is food, beverage, and a destination.

What the Picnic Backpack Offers

  • Hands-Free Mobility
  • Compact – All in One Design
  • Organization – Supplies Stay Put in Transit

In the roughly the same amount of space as a traditional picnic backback, the backpack offers neat, organized and carrier friendly details to increase meal mobility and convenience. Backpacks are made of lighter materials than baskets and are often constructed of weather resistant materials chosen for long life and frequent use. Outdoor dining is weather dependent and choosing durable all-weather fabric is essential.

Choose Your Picnic Style…

Though backpacks for picnics are a fairly recent invention, the market for purchasing one is surprisingly diverse. Whether I want a basic pack for two or a family sized pack to feed a crowd, the possibilities are endless. Here is just a quick glance at the many backpack options to purchase online for your next meal.

5 Picnic Backpacks we’ve fallen in love with


1ALLCAMP Backpack Hamper includes Tableware & Fleece Blanket

cool guy green bagFor a sensible picnic backpack for 2, try AllCamp’s backpack hamper with cooler. The compact design of this backpack is perfect for a romantic picnic for two. With the conscious consumer in mind, the price tag will not prevent me from adding it to my gear list.

  • Internal Cooler Compartment Will Keep Food Cold and Fresh
  • Exterior Beverage Compartment for Easy Access
  • Outdoor Blanket Included
  • Padded Shoulder Straps for Comfort
  • Durable Dinner Service for Two


2VonShef 4 Person Premium Picnic Backpack with blanket

premium backpack with blanketSmart and oh so stylish, with sophisticated woven material this premium backpack by VonShef dazzles. This picnic backpack for 4 features a twenty-nine piece dining set. The design style of this backpack is a key feature for me. Constructed of long lasting and easily cleaned flannel fabric I cannot see how this would disappoint.

  • Stainless Steel Utensils
  • Durable BPA-Free Plates and Wine Glasses
  • Reusable and Washable Cotton Napkins
  • Made of PEVA Backed Flannel Material for Moisture Resistance
  • Internal Foil-lined Cooler
  • Outdoor Blanket

VonShef has created an amazingly chic option for picnic backpackers here. This whole package fits neatly into 12.6 inches by 8.3 inches by 16.5 inches. You can bring your meals to go without sacrificing elegance and style with this backpack.


3Plush Picnic Basket with Cooler Compartment

black plush backpackSimplicity and versatility I have found with Plush Picnic’s backpack picnic basket for two. This all black backback is well constructed, made from water resistant fabric. For the wine and cheese lovers, this backpack delivers a quality dinner service for two.

This is an American company that specializes in handcrafted products made to last and whether frequent use. I appreciate Plush Picnic’s attention to detail offering simple and effective designs for an outdoor enthusiastic consumer. Let’s look at some of the amazing details of this backpack.

  • Wood Cutting Board
  • Cheese Knife and Corkscrew
  • Durable Acrylic Wine Glasses
  • Insulated Cooler and Detachable Wine Holder
  • Waterproof Backed Blanket


4VonShef 2 in 1 Picnic Backpack with 2 integrated stools!

man sitting on stool
Gear up with VonShef’s ingenious picnic backpack with built in seats. Yes, you heard me right, this backpack features not one but two cross frame stand alone camp stools. I must admit, sometimes a seat is better than plopping on the ground especially if it is the cold or soggy weather. Alas, my picnic plans no longer need to be thwarted by undesirable weather conditions.

  • Backpack Stool and Stand Alone Stool
  • Dinner Service for Two
  • Two Separate Zippered Compartments
  • 10 Liter Cooler Capacity
  • Padded Shoulder Straps


5Icemax Picnic Cool Bag for six people or more

6 person coolbagFamily sized with adventurous consumers in mind, Icemax has created a picnic-worthy backpack. This pack has dinner service for six people. A larger size to accommodate a feast, this backpack measure 50 inches by 35 inches by 25 inches.

  • Two Detachable Insulated Beverage Holders
  • 20 Liter Insulated Food Storage Compartment
  • Durable All Weather Materials
  • Dual Zippered Compartments
  • Durable Non-Breaking Plastic Service for Six


So what’s it gonna be, backback or basket?


At the end of the day, it’s up to you. What do you like? How much space is required etc? Are you going to choose a traditional picnic basket or a modern, innovative picnic backback? With a picnic backpack, you can easily carry all picnic essentials in one package. The mobility of the backpack helps you to remain hands-free during your journey and allows you to safely distribute the weight of my portable meal across my shoulders rather than constantly switching a basket back and forth between arms and tiring out too soon.